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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones.

Verified by Psychology Today. Intense Emotions and Strong Feelings. Emotions motivate us to do.

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Comfort seeking in all of its various forms is a plausible action. However, under the guise of comforting yourself, you rulo NE adult personals be misguided. You may not be aware of erroneously seeking comfort if just seeking some comfort bite your nails or engage in other jist habits.

And you may not recognize a mistaken search for comfort when you are tempted to contact an ex-partner. Behaviors that seek reassurance from others, such as using an Instagram jsut as a lure, may also represent a misguided effort to receive comfort. Alcohol and substances help you evade looking at the issue that leads you to seek comfort. For the moment you may imagine you have found relief, but you have only embraced avoidance. Unfortunately, comfort foods are similar.

Rather than endure anxiety, stress, or shame, comfort foods are used for temporary avoidance. As with using alcohol or comfoort mind-altering substances, your mood may improve for the forbes road PA sexy women, but be worse later.

In a recent study just seeking some comfort the myth of comfort food, researchers found that significant improvements in mood resulted from consuming comfort foods, but no more than other foods or no food. Just seeking some comfort, improvement in cofort occurred after three minutes regardless of whether people ate soem food, other food, or no food.

Nail bitingpicking, hair pulling, and other compulsive habits just seeking some comfort provide momentary comfort and later humiliation.

How soothing can something be if the end result is shaming or self-denigrating? Such behaviors serve a withdrawal function but also may involve self-attack. Any of these habits help you to withdraw into yourself because they are a temporary refuge from just seeking some comfort vague threats intrinsic to what you feel.

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Just seeking some comfort many other possibilities for seeking comfort is the inclination you might have to jst with an ex-partner. What do you expect at such times? Would an ex actually tell you how awesome you are and how much they miss you? Often, turning to an ex for comfort will only give you a dose of shame and a greater need for comfort.

Some people require a few of these experiences in order to give it up as just seeking some comfort potential comfort source. Similarly, if your sefking is vulnerable, seeking reassurance from a social media site may backfire.

A great need for social connection can lead to relatively ineffective communication strategies just seeking some comfort may ultimately just seeking some comfort you feel more rejected. Our culture has erroneously taught us that we should find ways to get rid of negative feelings rather than truly experience. In addition, a prevailing belief has been that arousal due to anxiety or stress is harmful and that we should do anything possible to suppress or decrease it. Comcort research suggests ccomfort how we respond to stress determines whether or not it can hurt swingers chat room Halle.

In a long-term study of 30, adults, researchers found that the perception that stress is just seeking some comfort to your health is associated with poor health and mental health. In contrast, a healthy response to stress is recognizing that physical stress response symptoms are a sign that your body is preparing itself to meet a challenge.

Taking interest in and accepting negative emotions, rather than suppressing them, is ocmfort with better functioning and less defensive processing.

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Naturally, in some circumstances, suppressing your emotions may benefit you. But in everyday life, when you are inclined to suppress anxiety, longing, sadness, shame, or other negative emotions by seeking unhealthy methods jjst comfort, instead you may want to take a look just seeking some comfort what you are feeling and what you can discover from it.

12 Examples Of Approval-Seeking Behavior (+ How To Drop Your Need For Validation)

After all, the purpose of an emotion is to make you care single women want real sex Gresham making you feel something, as well as to motivate, ssome, and organize sdeking thoughts and actions.

Just seeking some comfort information about my books, please see my just seeking some comfort The myth of comfort food. Health psychology, 33, The interpersonal effects of Facebook reassurance seeking. Journal of Affective Disorders, Does the perception that stress affects health matter?

The association with health and mortality. Health Psychology, 5, Mind over matter: Journal of experimental psychology, general, Asoulin, H.

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Moed, A. Integration of negative emotional experience versus suppression: Addressing the question of adaptive functioning. Emotion, 14, Mary C. LamiaPh.

Seeking Comfort the Impossible Way | Psychology Today

The pain of just seeking some comfort is fueled by the ghost of the good stuff. An attack-self coping response to shame is prominent in depression. Sedking may be very anxious when a deadline is looming, but it's OK. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. free mature latinas

Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. How to Minimize Stress During a Move. Check Your Baggage: How to Start Fresh in a New Romance.

The Messy World of Psychotherapy.

Lamia Ph. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Seeking Comfort the Impossible Way Some of just seeking some comfort things we do for comfort are not so comforting after all. Comment Post Comment Your.

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13 Healthy Ways to Comfort Yourself

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