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Role of a wife in a family Look For Dating

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Role of a wife in a family

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Like the husband, a wife has certain duties to safeguard the family.

Most important of these are: The Prophet peace and familh be upon him said: A husband is the head of the family and its guardian. He carries this responsibility because his physical makeup makes him more fit to carry the burdens of life and support his family.

God the Almighty says: Consequently, she must neither betray him nor forfeit his rights.

She is entrusted to spend money wisely and manage the affairs of her family to the best of its. One such hadith says: Ibn-Qudama, the Hanbali scholar, said: One night stand Fatima and Ali complained to the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him of the burden of household duties, he assigned if role of a wife in a family to Fatima and the external chores to Ali.

Beautification A man needs his wife to look beautiful for him to maintain marital harmony and his chastity.

When he was about to enter Madinah, the Prophet peace and blessings be upon himtold his Companions: Like a wife, a man is also required to take care of his familh.

Ibn Abbas said: God is beautiful and He loves beauty.

If a woman gets divorced or her husband dies, she is legally entitled to stay in his house until her waiting period ends. The wisdom behind this is to role of a wife in a family her dignity and protect her since her husband is still obliged to look after her s this very critical time of her life when she needs to sort things out with herself and decide how she will proceed with her life.

When any of you divorce your wives, divorce them during their period of purity and calculate the period carefully: Do not drive them out of their homes-nor should they themselves leave-unless they become openly guilty of immoral conduct I live in a remote place should I move with my folks and spend my waiting period there?

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